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    Look at the bright side of life for your psyconomics 

    Feng ShuiWind Chime

    Attracts Energy and Chi

    Photo: UnnarYmir


    We might have the habit of hate the way we look or we might be critical of our mate and look for possible solutions by changing our looks, our work or seek for divorce instead of looking into ourselves for the solution of our discontentment.

    In this I am not saying that it is the best thing to chew everything and go on being a floor mat at work or in your marriage or to accept that some body body part of yours might be out of line and that makes you unhappy and discontent.

    It is more important to take action on your discontentment first and then to find out if the problems at work, at home or possible deviance in your look are the root of a problem.

    Make a list of three things you like the most about yourself. Are these things about your look, your performance at work or in your marriage? Probably it is not.

    When people are doing their self-assessment they look for their personality and things that make themselves happy. But the culture is sending different message.  It is about how good and sexy you look, how clever you are at work and how sexy and romantic you are in your marriage. The culture is looking for the wrapping paper but not the content, but we ourselves measure things from the content and at the same time we want to live up to the standard of the wrapping paper.

    You can train yourself in assess yourself and your looks by define your own criteria for what is positive about you. It is most important that your inner criteria is valued and cherished by your own standard. This inner criteria has take into the fact what matters to you the most and what and how much you want to please others comes second.

    Perfectionism can be your worst enemy. Beauty is not about big breasts or love is not about please your mate whatever. To fall short in one department and your whole self-image is down the drain is the pitfall of the perfectionist. Train yourself by choose one or two things that you like about yourself and focus on those. Different things at work and at home. It helps you to keep up your spirits and at same time is a great weapon in building up a good self-trust. You measure yourself by your inner means but not the ever differencing criteria other people have on the matter.

    Image your own self good by putting your best face forward. Promote your value at work or in your marriage and stay by that and boost it f.i by wearing something sexy or tell when you have done a good job.

    If things are not improving and you find that whatever you do to is not releasing the pressure you find from your environment, you might go for more drastic moves, but such a move is not to improve other people contentment or to solve your own discontentment or unhappiness, rather to improve your own contentment. That is the way to well earned wellness.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

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    There is a big part of us and the controversial small part of us in every decision 

    Picture: UnnarYmir from http://www.flickr.com

    Controversial issues like Legal Abortion makes us feel uneasy. We find our body temperature possibly rising and something might feel different in our abdomen. The question whether we are for or against abortion manifests a discrepancy inside the body. Some of me is for abortion in some cases and some of me is against abortion. Inside me I find my body weighing all things that matters. The argument is changing the way I feel inside myself. If you allow time and understand the reconciliation process at the body level, then it will be easier to take the decision that is good for you.

    There is always part of you with and other part against in any given decision that you have to take, and that makes you twisted between choices. This makes you anxious, sad or angry. And you want to resolve the matter. You want the smaller part of your body to go along with the larger one. Maybe you want resolution and harmony and you cognitively are seeking that harmony. Or if you are thinking about the controversial things in your decision, then you cognitively are making that part larger and your body will follow suit with even more anger or sadness.

    Every decision has therefore the 80/20 Rule effect. There is a bigger half and smaller half. The inconsistency is therefore inside resolution to our decisions. The body is asking for resolution or is rebelling. The more you train in the decision process, the easier it will be for you and your training will result in better performance in decision making.

    The way to wellness is to respect both parties in every argument. Go for the better half and minimize the effect that your decision might have on yourself. Go for the mediation and possibilities that makes it all easier. Avoid the risk and the rebellion with your inner true self. Listen to your own heart and be aware of other people argument, as it might be influence your decision fort their benefit. In the end it is always you that have to live with your own decision. It is easier to work your contentment out with the larger half of you and it is easier to reason with the smaller part of you.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

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      Hello Dr. Vernhardsson. I’m glad to find you because I would like to align with professional psychologists who occasionally refer to alternative mind/body exercises to help people deal with negative emotions. My particular specialty is helping folks deal with grief. I’m not selling anything and am not trying to eventually find a way to profit by this. But if you get a chance to review some of my unusual techniques (the blog is new but I’ve already shared one rather unconventional technique called the Golden Magnet), I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks for your thoughts on abortion and also for mentioning that we deal with thoughts and feelings internally, even in specific parts of our body (besides our mind). The blog is at http://www.breathofsadness.blogspot.com. Peace

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    Imagination is needed to get out of the blues 

    Traumatic events or losses can lead to grievance or sadness that can be out of the ordinary. The trauma can come in one instant in an accident or the sadness can develope gradually like a burnout at work were you gradually are loosing your grip or a marriage that is breaking down over a period of time leading to the eventual divorce.

    When people find them selves in the blues then they are out of hope and they are not able see the future to be. All hopes and forward thinking is like a blank canvas. This is a breakdown on a mental and a physical level.

    Main thing is how do you roll up the canvas and stretch it out for you to paint in your hopes and future vision? One of the most effective ways to get out of sadness is the ability to visualize the future. This vision does not have to include a new car or a house. It does only have to include you in a contentment in any given situation at hand. For instance you at home in the evening, satisfied with what you have and not ruminating on what you do not have. If you exercise this setting in your life, you can easily in any given stress or sad situation during the day imagine you in this most favorable situation content at home, reading your favourite book and listen to your favourite music or whatever.

    If you have trouble in your family life, try out picture of you in the church when your child is getting married. Where are you? Are you sitting on the front bench or are you sitting at the back or even you are not invited, because you were behaving like a jerk in the year 2012. If you want to play the main act in that given situation, then you have to contribute to that every day and whenever you can.

    The difference from imagionation and daydream can be subtle, because daydreams can be unreachables but well structure imagination of your future is an obtainable act. The difference between imagination and goals is that goals are more conditioned situation, like: I will win if I exercise so and so. Imagination only needs you to visualize yourselve giving the best finish ever.

    Fishermen in old days had the vision of their home or the church, when they where wet and hungry fighting for their lives in the cold weather and high seas. The vision of coming home to their wifes and children never gave way and was everlasting source for energy.

    Without you using the power of your imagination, you will have much more work at hand and you need so much more time to overcome the sadness, the burnout at work, the traumatic events or the setbacks in your life.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

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    Feng Shui as a proven route to wellness 

    Bowl of Contentment. Picture by: UnnarYmir.Bowl of Contenment. Picture by: UnnarYmir. Artist: Kogga

    Empty bowl is important artifact in Feng Shui as it can contain whatever and is therefore a sign of ones own Contentment.

    For millennia there has been a focused attention on Feng Shui as a route to wellness and contentment. Feng Shui is based on nine meaningful issues that can be improved on, to improve your life situation and feel better. These elements are:

    • Awareness and increased ability to sense the environment. To empower and activate to progress your career in life.
    • Knowledge and all things that relates to learning and education. Wisdom evolves out of improved awareness and education.
    • Organize and exercise your ability to prioritize in your life. Who and what is important to you and your life. When your life is organized in harmony with your prioritizing it will be harmonious and your mental well being will improve. Without such a prioritizing your life will be chaotic and hectic.
    • Open up your possibilities and work on many possibilities rather than two or few. Your intentions will be aimed at your contentment and based on your prioritizing, that makes your choices wise and that elevates responsibility and encourages helpful people into your live.
    • Love and the empowered ability to choose and leave. It is important to exercise your skill to choose. Whether that is your mate and marrige or other things.
    • Creation whether that is your children, your work or hobbies. Increased ability in this field gives a great chance for quality time to feel well and take on difficult things like sadness, grievance or trauma.
    • Exercising or to have more flow and easier life. This can be money or ways to find easier ways to solve your issues.
    • Fame, good fortune and your standing in your community. For some this can mean a lot so if this is missing and it matters to you, then you have to attend to it. May your success make you feel good, but no regrets if it won‘t.
    • Good luck and contentment. The real meaning in life is to obtain contentment and happiness. Feng Shui shows us to fix elements that matter the most and at the same time to see yourself happy and content.

    The psychological meaning of Feng Shui is more of improving these elements in your life and enhanced ability in these areas will bring you wellness. It will help you to deal with losses, difficult times, burnout in work and other traumatic life events. It helps to turn around unfavorable life situations to more favorable ones.

    If you read about Feng Shui it is a good advice to take things with care, focus on your well being and how it can be improved and use Feng Shui advices and artifacts as reminder of that process, not to invest in things or improvement in your apartment. The idea of Feng Shui is not to bring on investment into your life, but to understand how these elements can enhance your life if attended to.

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    Blessings brighten up the day 

    photographer: UnnarY from http://www.flickr.com

    Blessings are intended to do people good and uplift their spirit. It feels nice to have someone’s good wishes. It spreads confidence and well being. Priests, Nuns and Monks use blessings to greet people as well as saying goodbye.

    Blessings are used in the mass to introduce and read the postulate to the people and most often people stand up for this reading. This is to get us to be closer and to show a highest respect for the reading.

    The Blessing is therefore creating an atmosphere for people to be closer to the unknown holy world. Whether this holy world is real or not is not the important thing. Whether God exists or not is a moot point. It is feeding the good spirit and well being that is so important because then it can be replicated in every situation, good or bad, wherever you are or whatever troubles you are facing.

    Even houses, buildings, ships and other transport constructions are often blessed. We see priests and politicians alike standing together in opening ceremonies of  new official construction af any kind.

    Christmas cards are sent to carry wishful words on our behalf as well as other messages in the time when we finish the year and look forward to the new one.

    The outcome is also favourable for the one that is giving the blessing or sending the well wishes because he/she feels good about doing good and it gives their life an added purpose. On top of that the receivers often send high spirited thanks and thoughts back to the blesser.  When giving a blessing it is important to accept that the feedback is not necessarily instantaneous.  We cannot say if, how and when we reap the rewards which makes the feedback unconditioned. That is what makes the outcome so favourable for both parties and even others as well.

    That is why it is so important to incorporate blessings into your daily life. Workmates, family, spouse, children, friends or anyone who is near and matters to you needs these emotional boosts. Send them or say to them words of good fortune with your blessings. Boost them up. Look kindly upon their actions and encourage them to do well.

    May you have the blessings of good will.

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      Within my a long time being a power healbot and also lifestyle instructor we’ve noticed that the wellness with the bodily person is associated with ideas of wellness.

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    Lottery or wishful thinking 

    When the economy is in a slump we find it tempting to buy a lottery ticket as a possible way out of our troubles(1) . Even a rainy day can send us to the Lottery stand in search of a cure for our bleak and dreary environment. Just like Romance Novels, Donuts and Nail Polish among other petty things we seek out things to cheer us up and put our focus on our well being and to the future.

    One Lottery ticket every now and then can be a joyful event. It takes us out of the ordinary day to day activities and we look forward to the forthcoming event. For a few cents we can anticipate millions of Dollars or Euros in winnings. The winning numbers appear live in the TV and we have the feeling of being there when the balls are popping out one by one.

    The downside is that suddenly we are under the spell of our wishful thinking with the possible dream of a new life with our pockets full of money. However, what is fruitful and positive is that we are looking to the future and not ruminating about the past or dwelling on obsessive thoughts.

    Still we have to remember that our wish for better future has to be worked for. It helps to imagine it bright and beautiful as well as have faith in our prosperity in forthcoming days. It is therefore not helpful to condition our vision of the future on the outcome of the lottery draw each weekend.

    The freedom is to be there in our living room with our lottery ticket ready, waiting for the draw. When we don’t win it is important not to be sorry. It is nearly impossible to win anything, so that is not the message. The message is to exercise your ability to be there and look forward to it. Look away from the gloom and towards being there in a happy moment for a while.

    We buy a lottery ticket because we want it not because we have to. If we feel we have to, then this little exercise is forming a habit that can become a dangerous addiction.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

    1. http://moneyland.time.com/2011/10/21/12-things-we-buy-in-a-bad-economy/#lottery-tickets

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