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    Evil man has no future or has he? 

    Proverbs 24:20 for the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.

    If this is read by a reasonable thinking and without prejudice we can assume that we all have time when we are unable to look into the future with hope and joy. We do not have to evil for that sake, but that is not the most pleasant state to be in.

    If this were written without prejudice towards the state of depression, burnout and even trauma, then it sound more like: for the evil state of trauma a man has no future; the lamp of the burnout state will be put out the life of person.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

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    Your own personal altar picture 


    Artist: Jonina Gudnadottir

    Picture: UnnarYmir


    We often put up a picture of someone in our home or at work. A sporting figure, a musician, a scientist or a famous one who we cherish. This can be a good exercise and reminder of what we like to accomplish ourselves. We might want look into their perspective in live and exercise us in coining our own goals.

    In the churches we see altar pictures and statues of saints and people who aspire us. People who did show strength in difficult times inspire us and show us what we can do for ourselves in time of trouble. The altar picture is displaying the family wall of good deed doers.

    In the same way you can put up a picture of yourselves in your home. You can find a picture of you where you find yourself beautiful and happy. This can be recent one or an old picture, even when you were very young. Have your own altar in your home with picture of you put up in a most favorable way possible.

    So pull out some pictures of you an look why were you so beautiful and happy, who are there with you and what where you doing? If you enlarge some of these pictures, print them out in super quality and even frame them. Then you can well relate to that state of you being happy and content and spontaneously feel this relaxing state. This is as important for the marriage as well. Find pictures of you and your mate or the whole family in a cheerful moment and reprint it in high standard.

    So be the star in your own life. Someone to look up to and into for your contentment. Let the happy and content you lead you to present days wellness.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist.

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    Myth is faith if you believe in it. Use the power of positive faith. 

    Self assurance and a faith or a myth have a similar train of thought. Good self assurance helps us to finish what we originally set out to do. So how can you use myth and faith to help you to fare better?

    Favorable assumptions can brighten up your day, assumptions such as: if we assist others, especially the needy, it will bring luck to us. It might or might not. But if you do and you believe in this myth, it will color your life in positive way for you and the society. It will gradually build up your self assurance and at same time build up trust to the society. You will gradually wind up in more and more positive situation, just because of your positive attitude towards yourself and the society.

    If you are occupied with bad luck like the ”Friday the 13th“, then you might be blocking your ways in life. There has been no scientific proof on that one and belie in it is not helpful for you. On the contrary it can be damaging for you and isolate you from others at given time.

    ”Good Morning“ is a wishful thinking from you to others every day. This is unconditioned wish from you to your workmates, friends or family that they will ”have a nice day“. May the luck be with you.

    So look out for lucky things and give the luck a chance. Maybe or maybe not. If the luck is coming your way, then you will profit from it. If not, then there was nothing you could do about that. Positive myths are there for you to use every day to spice up your life and give you sense of self worth and contentment. Positive self worth is a proven assistance in all matters.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson pyschologist

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    Candlelight brightens up the mood 

    Picture: UnnarYmir

    Candlelight has great soothing effect and is good for meditation and relaxation sessions.

    Lighting a candle can be a form of sacrifice and has a meaning as such in spiritual rituals.  What once was  sacrifices of big animals like bulls or even children evolved to be a humble candlelight. The intense fear of whether the sun might not rise again was strong enough to kill and burn what mattered the most to people, their own children.

    So in a way when you lighten up a candle, you at the same time are worshiping the hope for a favorable future to come. Candlelight is like a peace pact with the unknown, and a request that the future will not turn against you. You are in a way sending out your wish that everything will fare well.

    The candlelight reminds you of the MOMENT. It is not going anywhere and neither are you. It is now and it is here. That is why candlelight goes so well with relaxations exercises or religious ceremonies. That is why a candlelight helps to get conversation going when you are sitting with friends or brings out the romance for lovers. The candlelight is a force that makes the heart beat at the most favorable tact for your body at that moment.

    So brighten up your life as often as you can during the day with a simple candlelight and do it with a care. Find your inner rhythm go intact with the humble flame of a candle.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

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    Imagination is needed to get out of the blues 

    Traumatic events or losses can lead to grievance or sadness that can be out of the ordinary. The trauma can come in one instant in an accident or the sadness can develope gradually like a burnout at work were you gradually are loosing your grip or a marriage that is breaking down over a period of time leading to the eventual divorce.

    When people find them selves in the blues then they are out of hope and they are not able see the future to be. All hopes and forward thinking is like a blank canvas. This is a breakdown on a mental and a physical level.

    Main thing is how do you roll up the canvas and stretch it out for you to paint in your hopes and future vision? One of the most effective ways to get out of sadness is the ability to visualize the future. This vision does not have to include a new car or a house. It does only have to include you in a contentment in any given situation at hand. For instance you at home in the evening, satisfied with what you have and not ruminating on what you do not have. If you exercise this setting in your life, you can easily in any given stress or sad situation during the day imagine you in this most favorable situation content at home, reading your favourite book and listen to your favourite music or whatever.

    If you have trouble in your family life, try out picture of you in the church when your child is getting married. Where are you? Are you sitting on the front bench or are you sitting at the back or even you are not invited, because you were behaving like a jerk in the year 2012. If you want to play the main act in that given situation, then you have to contribute to that every day and whenever you can.

    The difference from imagionation and daydream can be subtle, because daydreams can be unreachables but well structure imagination of your future is an obtainable act. The difference between imagination and goals is that goals are more conditioned situation, like: I will win if I exercise so and so. Imagination only needs you to visualize yourselve giving the best finish ever.

    Fishermen in old days had the vision of their home or the church, when they where wet and hungry fighting for their lives in the cold weather and high seas. The vision of coming home to their wifes and children never gave way and was everlasting source for energy.

    Without you using the power of your imagination, you will have much more work at hand and you need so much more time to overcome the sadness, the burnout at work, the traumatic events or the setbacks in your life.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

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    Bring Music to your life 

    Picture: UnnarYmir

    Music is important element in enhancing our spirit.

    Music has been with us for millennia and has been used in all kinds of ceremonies throughout.

    Listen to whatever you like and give all kinds of music a chance. Remember that to much Blues can bring you down to sadness.  Even that can be thrilling to understand the effect of music.

    Use some for traveling, other to go with your work and then your favorite soft music before you turn in for your sleep. Use your favorite Christmas songs and other in the summer. Today it is easy to have music in our portable IPods or radios wherever.

    Some parents play classical music for the children before sleep to calm them down.That is also quite effective during the day to use music and singing to enhance their mood. Some research has even shown that children who listen to classical music show better response in IQ tests.

    Music Therapy is aimed at enhance children’s attention, recognition, communication as well as other personal or social skills. Music Therapy has been showed  to help patients to help patients to reduce stress and relax (Guzzetta, 1989). Start your own music therapy to enhance your mood and bring contentment into your life systematically.

    If you have problems with sleep, then you can try to listen to soft music the last hour and see if your mood will not ease down and your train of thought will slow down.

    Remember how much music plays a part in most religious activities. Music is there to give deeper meaning to the ceremony and so could music do to you any time. So whenever you feel down, sorrow or at loss. Take a time to play your favorite music. Play music as often as you can during the day.

    Have your CD´s at hand so it is easy to pick your favorites out and play. Give all kinds of music a chance and try out soft music, playful music or music from foreign countries.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist


    Guzzetta, C., E. (1989). Effects of relaxation and music therapy on patients in a coronary care unit with presumptive acute myocardial infarction. The Journal of Critical Care, 18. Pgs.609 – 16.


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    Feng Shui as a proven route to wellness 

    Bowl of Contentment. Picture by: UnnarYmir.Bowl of Contenment. Picture by: UnnarYmir. Artist: Kogga

    Empty bowl is important artifact in Feng Shui as it can contain whatever and is therefore a sign of ones own Contentment.

    For millennia there has been a focused attention on Feng Shui as a route to wellness and contentment. Feng Shui is based on nine meaningful issues that can be improved on, to improve your life situation and feel better. These elements are:

    • Awareness and increased ability to sense the environment. To empower and activate to progress your career in life.
    • Knowledge and all things that relates to learning and education. Wisdom evolves out of improved awareness and education.
    • Organize and exercise your ability to prioritize in your life. Who and what is important to you and your life. When your life is organized in harmony with your prioritizing it will be harmonious and your mental well being will improve. Without such a prioritizing your life will be chaotic and hectic.
    • Open up your possibilities and work on many possibilities rather than two or few. Your intentions will be aimed at your contentment and based on your prioritizing, that makes your choices wise and that elevates responsibility and encourages helpful people into your live.
    • Love and the empowered ability to choose and leave. It is important to exercise your skill to choose. Whether that is your mate and marrige or other things.
    • Creation whether that is your children, your work or hobbies. Increased ability in this field gives a great chance for quality time to feel well and take on difficult things like sadness, grievance or trauma.
    • Exercising or to have more flow and easier life. This can be money or ways to find easier ways to solve your issues.
    • Fame, good fortune and your standing in your community. For some this can mean a lot so if this is missing and it matters to you, then you have to attend to it. May your success make you feel good, but no regrets if it won‘t.
    • Good luck and contentment. The real meaning in life is to obtain contentment and happiness. Feng Shui shows us to fix elements that matter the most and at the same time to see yourself happy and content.

    The psychological meaning of Feng Shui is more of improving these elements in your life and enhanced ability in these areas will bring you wellness. It will help you to deal with losses, difficult times, burnout in work and other traumatic life events. It helps to turn around unfavorable life situations to more favorable ones.

    If you read about Feng Shui it is a good advice to take things with care, focus on your well being and how it can be improved and use Feng Shui advices and artifacts as reminder of that process, not to invest in things or improvement in your apartment. The idea of Feng Shui is not to bring on investment into your life, but to understand how these elements can enhance your life if attended to.

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    Lottery or wishful thinking 

    When the economy is in a slump we find it tempting to buy a lottery ticket as a possible way out of our troubles(1) . Even a rainy day can send us to the Lottery stand in search of a cure for our bleak and dreary environment. Just like Romance Novels, Donuts and Nail Polish among other petty things we seek out things to cheer us up and put our focus on our well being and to the future.

    One Lottery ticket every now and then can be a joyful event. It takes us out of the ordinary day to day activities and we look forward to the forthcoming event. For a few cents we can anticipate millions of Dollars or Euros in winnings. The winning numbers appear live in the TV and we have the feeling of being there when the balls are popping out one by one.

    The downside is that suddenly we are under the spell of our wishful thinking with the possible dream of a new life with our pockets full of money. However, what is fruitful and positive is that we are looking to the future and not ruminating about the past or dwelling on obsessive thoughts.

    Still we have to remember that our wish for better future has to be worked for. It helps to imagine it bright and beautiful as well as have faith in our prosperity in forthcoming days. It is therefore not helpful to condition our vision of the future on the outcome of the lottery draw each weekend.

    The freedom is to be there in our living room with our lottery ticket ready, waiting for the draw. When we don’t win it is important not to be sorry. It is nearly impossible to win anything, so that is not the message. The message is to exercise your ability to be there and look forward to it. Look away from the gloom and towards being there in a happy moment for a while.

    We buy a lottery ticket because we want it not because we have to. If we feel we have to, then this little exercise is forming a habit that can become a dangerous addiction.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

    1. http://moneyland.time.com/2011/10/21/12-things-we-buy-in-a-bad-economy/#lottery-tickets

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    The Monk 


    Riwoche Monks in the Taklung Kagyu Monasery in Tinchuli, Kathmandu, Nepal[i].

    For millenniums we have had people taking the holy stand in life. They are concerned with higher meaning in life and less interested in the daily life and its petty activities .

    There are stories in the Holy Bible about the people giving their blessings and offering others salvation, and most religions have their own versions of the Holy Men focusing on the meaning of life.

    After millenniums of civilization mankind has not learnt to live peacefully with each other.  Abominable actions such as killing your neighbor because of faith/language/ politics/natural resources/race still exist and are ruthlessly justified. World Wars are fought and no one is spared. Except Monks. Why? That is because our own image of inner contentment and peace is mirrored by the image the Monks portray. Their blessing is important for our soul at every time, even in the most cruel times.

    The Monks were trying to reach God and wanted to be closer to him and the idea is to separate themselves from the human life which is driven by needs and deeds.

    We can easily incorporate the idea of the Monk into our live. Whenever we are in contact with others, whether that is family, friends or colleagues, we can step out of each and every situation. Instead of being occupied by people’s interests and needs we can go for the option of blessing both or all parties and look for the higher meaning of the situation.

    Try to go for the blessing element that is so meaningful for the Monks and their interest free relations with people. Saying something nice to your fellow worker or a family member can make a world of difference for them in their daily activities. They remember who was the great giver of good will and the warmth will flow to everyone to reap the benefits from. The Monk is not expecting something back.

    Somehow everybody was there for the kill in the World Wars – except the Monks. Where do you want to be in your Daily Wars? In the middle of the battlefield, fighting for your survival? Or in a safe haven, observing instead of being a slave to the fight?

    If you can master this exercise, then you have one more tool in the task of improving your relationships with other people and at the same time one more tool to soothe your own feelings.

    Be a bit of monk whenever you can throughout the day.

    Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist

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