What is your dresscode for the Supermarket


When we go to the mall or the supermarket we usually do not make any fuzz about that. We go there however we are dressed or give it any meaning.

Try to use the occasion to make a difference in your life. Make it a special occasion as when we go to church or to a concert. Dress up for the occasion. Use the trip to enhance your well being. You can use the moment to balance your life. You can use the moment to balance up what is missing or do I really need that? Who is there with you, checking on exotic spices? What might be interesting to put on the BBQ over the weekend?

Go to the supermarket with the people you love. Your mate or your children. Use the time to get better acquainted with them. What do they like or don’t? Ask them why and use the moment to be curious about yourself and others around you.

Have a nice trip to the supermarket and seize the moment.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist