Out of synch with time

Out of synchronization time seems to be endless and our efforts seem to be hollow and without any result.

You can synchronize yourself to your inner man and leave out the outer eco, but then you cannot expect anything from there.

You can focus all your efforts on the outer eco system in your life, and at the same time leave out your inner needs. And then you cannot expect to feel good or bad whatever you achieve in your life.

When you feel burnout or you fall into traumatic situation then this synchronization will go apart. Whatever you focused on is falling into pieces. And when you are not in synch with your inner needs or your outer eco system then your life is in a mesh.

The first thing is to sort yourself out and what it is that is causing your inner conflicts and to get help to sort that out.

Then it is to sort out the priority of your relationship to other people. When you realize what is prior to you, then you have to act accordingly. If you want to have your mate and children as priority then you have to act that way, so they will respond accordingly.

If you do not behave accordingly to your own priorities then you will be out of synch to your own priorities and you will experience time differently inside your body. One element wants to do this, but another one is on a different time.