The past or the present

To understand the friction between the past and the present in the body is crucial for our well-being.

The body itself and its needs are all bound past elements to be able to survive. Without nourishment and shelter we will die. All things apart from that are in our mind. We might accumulate many times what we need for our survival and at the same time we loose our apprehension of what the future might be. 

Why will that happen that we will lose the sight for the future?

That is because if the mind will be attuned to the bodily needs and accumulation of past things the mind will then be a prisoner of the body and its needs. 

To be attuned to the future, the body has to be settled and in contentment. That is the precursor for the body to relieve the mind for free evaluation for things to come.

To be in a calm state and contentment we are ready for doing things that will make us to look forward in our life.