What is your Logo?

Most companies use company logo to coin their brand and building a consensus for their products or service. This helps to focus on the main issue into the future. For this website it is to “exercise your well being”. This helps to build up a file that is focused on a subject that will be good for thousands of years, as it is a never-ending struggle to there.

Nunc est bibendum (now is the time to drink), ...

Nunc est bibendum (now is the time to drink), 1898 poster of the Michelin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is your logo?

What is that you have to coin for your happy days to come? If you do not have clear image of what you want, the question is. How are going to get there? It helps you to prioritize and choice for your best interests.

So make your logo and be a brand truthful to your inner wishes.  Be a brand for your true inner self.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist