Tom Cruise – Psyconomics reading on his 50th birthday

Tom Cruise December 2008

Tom Cruise December 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is likely that Tom Cruise had rather emotional difficult experiences when he was four and five years old and then again when he was eight and twelve as well. It is even possible that his first four years might have been disastrous years for him. Since then he might have experienced a life changing event every four years. In that respect it can be expected that his relationship with Katie Holmeshas been in its dying bed for the past two or three years.

It can be expected that his emotional bonding with his father might have been disturbed and not warm or possible very little or none at all.

Pictures of him most often reveal some type of sadness and grief, so he might suffer from time to time with depression and then in between he might not. Tom might suffer from allergies that might come and go. Tom has a great need for being adored and respected and goes to great lengths for that to happen. He has a great need for being organized and tidy so together these qualities can be rather bothersome for everyone close to him. That means that his biggest problem might be co-dependency.  That brings his world all upside down and he becomes more like:



So he would learn a lot if he could practice the first step in psyconomics which is to:

Admit his powerlessness for the environment (surroundings), because he cannot control the environment, the destiny, the past or other people and therefore he cannot take responsibility for their emotional existence.

a. Deciding to use his willpower and life to attain contentment.

b. Believing that being in tune with his surroundings and his inner self will make him feeling happy and content.

c. Avoiding to manipulate others, because other people’s feelings are not a measure tape for his own well being.
We all want to wish Tom a happy birthday. We all hope that they will manage an easy divorce and they will leave their daughter out of any possible disagreement  and place her interest in the first place, because what happens for her now, she might have to pay for later in life.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist