Fortune favors the brave

Sign of Fortune in rune

Picture: UnnarYmir

Artist: Eydis Bjornsdottir

Good fortune and the fearless future is inter-twined in our mind as a favorable future. We long for being a fortunate and blessed. We want to be save and sound into our future. If you are one of these people who are looking for prosperous future and you want to have the blessings of the unknown in your work then these following words are for you. You do not have to read about your fortune you only have to have a clear image your favorable future, you have to believe in that image, you have to trust that things will go this way, if not then you have to adjust your favorable image of your blessed future. So do not loose your focus on your mission. If you do not loose the focus on your future that you believe in and you are working hard at it, then you do not have to read any further in this respect. You will get what you want and you fight for.

If you loose your focus then you will loose the sight of your mission and you might miss your target. You might get distracted into other peoples mission or into the endless focus of interests of day to day business of life. Then you are aiming at different direction and your future and your fortune is behind your back and out of sight. If you are still reading this blog, then you are alredy out of your mission and you have lost the point. So again I have to repeat that to you that please do not loose sight of your future, because out of sight is out of mind.

Am I not brave or not fortunate is a difficult question. It shreds our self-competence and self-assurance. If you are still reading this  blog you might be suffering from low self-esteem and then you might consider to stop reading this blog and look bravely into your inner-self and say to yourself. There is nothing there that is missing and there is nothing to be added. I am perfect as I am today and I accept the fact that I cannot change myself. I love myself as I am here and now and I should concentrate on my future full of self-confidence, because if I loose my sight of my future I might get lost in my search for myself.

If you are stubborn or that you might suffer from obsessive or compulsive thoughts, then again the all your thoughts are about the past or your destiny or your environment. These things are all stimuli and therefore your past. These things are input to you and the question is what are you going to do with this input. If your reactions are always the same then your outcome will always be the same. So if you want a new outcome, you have to change your reaction. If you focus on your future, then your reaction will gradually fill in your idea of this future, but if you focus on the stimuli itself, then you will be under the spell of the past. Nothing will change and you will not enhance your future prospects. The sooner you stop reading this blog and begin to contemplate on your future, the sooner you will get relieve from your obsession and your future will be more fruitful.

Money and other monetary interests are things of the past. The value of money decreases every day and in the end your money will be of little worth. This is the same with the newspaper, it looses its value very rapidly and in the end of the day it is worthless. Tomorrow there will be a new paper and today’s one will be forgotten. So if you are focusing on your money situation, then you are focusing at past issues as important as that is. But if you are focusing on your money, then you are risking that your attention will put your future issues behind your back. So again, the important question in the beginning was about the brave, not the miser. The miserly will not inherit the fortunate future, but the brave people will do so. So the sooner you focus on your future and stop reading this blog your future will blossom and your bravery will take over your life.

There is always tendency to mix the idea of your life destiny with your future and fortune. Destiny you can do little about, it is written in the skies that things will go this way or that way. Your future is marked by your reactions and your fortune will increase the more you react favorably to whatever happens to you. The sooner you stop reading this blog and nurture your future by reacting favorably then your fortune will be marked with your bravery and intelligence.

Fame and fortune is one of these things that keeps us occupied in day to day life. We have this notion that fame will bring us favorable future, but it does not necessarily do so. It brings you lot of something and that is all things of the past. Magazines, television shows and happenings are the meeting place of the famous, but all these things are like the newspaper, things of the past. If you are one of the famous or wannabes then you are full of past and your future is your behind thing. All things will move you away from your target of secure future into more and more uncertainty. So less you relay on outside stimuli to get your own peace which is one of the premises of bravery the sooner you will be more and more fortunate in your life. That is the same with this blog, the sooner you look to yourself instead of reading others people advice you will experience your true road to success.

So the more you read about the details and the facts of the bravery, the less you will experience it on your own skin. That will make you a coward and it might sieve out your inner bravery to act and experience by acting, as that is necessary factor of bravery. Schools and higher education in the end might sieve out the bravery that once was there in you as bravery is not rewarded by the school system. As it is the education system is a past thing in it self. Education is all about the past, the grading is all about the past and the total educational experience is more or less about the past. Some students meet their mates in schools, but that is happening in the off hours in between the school sessions. So if you are looking for enhance your bravery and courage, be aware of the educational system as that is a system of the past. Look for life experience and your own understanding of life. That takes us to the fact that you are still reading but not acting on your own situation in life. You are therefore not looking for bravery to favor your fortune but to something else. So this blog is not for you as this blog is aimed at people who want to be brave and fortunate.

Instinct is important element in bravery. Life experience is to exercise your instinct for your decision making power. So it is important to exercise your own instinct, but not mine. I am writing this blog from my own instinct but you are reading about mine and not exercising your own. Again you have fallen for the trap. Looking away from your own future, only reading about others. Expecting some light coming from others, but not exercising yours. Again and again you have fallen into the trap of environment and not respecting your own reacting system.

By looking at others people experience you say to yourselves that you might learn something. That is right to some extent, but looking and looking and looking at other people experience and not exercising yourself, then you have fallen into the trap of phobia. By delaying and look to other things, by doing so you do not have to look into your own life. You will fix everything else and then you do not have to attend to your own problems. That is not the courage you need or the bravery that makes you fortunate, but it will gradually make you burnout and dead flat. If that is the reason that you are still reading this blog you desperately needs assistance to get out of your burnout life. Stop reading this blog and ask for help, because the more you read the more you will get confused and less and less you will experience the bravery that can bring you fortune and more favorable future.

Insurance is one of things you can use to secure your future. Actually you only can insure our assets, which is a past thing. You can in away insure your past assets as you want to have your past assets in your future situations. That is not bravery as you might understand it is your mistrust of the uncertain future. You are relaying on your insurance, but not your own instincts and nurture your own self assurance. Actually you are looking for the outside to fulfill your inside cravings. Your inside cravings are not self-serving and fulfilled and there is nothing coming from the outside to fix that. This is the opposite of bravery. As you now in this instance is looking for this blog to fulfill your search for fortune and more favorable future.

This blog was intended for the ones who are looking for prosperous future a want to have the blessing of the unknown to their work. It was emphazied that you need to have clear image of your favorable future in mind and you have to believe in that image. You have to trust that things will adjust to that image. The whole exercise is to not loose focus on your life’s mission. If you loose focus on your future your fortune will not be there when needed. You will get what you aim at and you fight for. So as you can stop you reading I am instead stopping my writing as nothing is stopping you doing everything else than exercise your bravery and courageousness.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist