To teach others exercises us to think freely and enhances our creativity


Picture: UnnarYmir

When we are dealing with things that matter to us, we might be very much attached to the outcome of our work which we wish that will be favorable for us. Discussion and work might be very much attached to the outcome. This might cause us a great deal of emotional stress and anger.

Take for instance if you bought a share in a company, then your mood might go up and down in lieu with the price of that share on the market.

If you where on the other hand teaching others to invest in bonds and stock, your mood might be affected by the progress that your students might show in their studies. This might teach you how the premises for your moods might possible change. Shares and bonds are still the center of attention, but your focus has shifted into your students progress.

If your experience with teaching can help you to understand the difference and relieve the influence of the stimuli, then you can gradually use this for your advantage. Interest free thinking will help you to find more possibilities, it opens up your creative thinking and innovative approach. This will lead you to your own contentment and future, but not back to the interest based past and the narrow minded black and white thinking.

Exercise this level of thinking and the concept of teaching others. Maybe you might feel more detached, which can be so powerful to ease your emotional distress but at the same time makes it more visible to you what matters for you and your contentment.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist