Improve your innovational mind and creativity and it will improve your contentment and wellness

Bowl of contentment. Picture: UnnarYmir. Artist: Kogga

Bowl of contentment is important Feng Shui element.

Here are some tips to improve your creativity from an article in Scientific American Mind that was written by: Evangelia G. Chrysikou. What is interesting with these tools to improve your innovative mind and creativity will all of them also improve your wellness and contentment in live. Why is it so closely linked the improved creativity and  your wellness? It is probably that our creativity is one of the basic elements in our contentment. If we aim at improve our innovative strength and creativity we automatically aim at the other things that matter in our wellness. And here are the tips for improved creativity as well as for contentment as well:

Observe. Carefully study the environment and study how the things are used and what problems are at hand.

Become an expert. The better you know, the better you can connect and better perspective you get of what might or might not solve issues at hand.

Know your audience. Try out for yourself what your intended user would have to go through.

Out of your comfort zone. Try something else than your expertise and current experience. Do things that might interest you and your possible users.

Be willing to work alone. Group brainstorming is improved if people have done their brainstorming alone and are prepared.

Talk to outsiders about your work. A novel perspective can help to build up a new consensus of a possible faults or might help you to see alternative solutions.

Have fun. A good mood can forge remote associations. Use music to sway moods and help you to bring out your creative swings.

Take a nap and let your mind wander. Sleep and daydreaming can enhance your imagination and give you ideas that you might be searching for.

Take a break. Go for something else and your mind might relax and come up with refreshed look at your problems.

Challenge yourself. Disrupt daily routine. Take new route to work. Abandon your original idea and look for other possibilities. Borrow from other people´s answers even in other fields of expertize and try to improve on them in new context.

Go through the articles in this website. Some of these tips have already been discussed. All the others will do the same for your creativity and will improve your innovation as well as your contentment and wellness.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist