Every man‘s downfall is hidden in his dreams…

The Moon

Picture: UnnarYmir

Every man‘s downfall is hidden in his dreams.

You travel through a dark, strange forest

of deceptions, which your own chest has nurtured.

behind reality‘s cold tranquility.

Your dream has the great power

to form an independent life, which threatens you.

It grows between you and the living

and yet no one realizes what goes between.

Against your body energy and spiritual power

and in spite of your opinion, experience and belief,

in dark silence, in a mysterious way,

the dream grows bigger and at the same time reduces you.


And behold, you fall for your own dream

In a complete surrender of the conquered man.

It locks its long arm around you,

and finally you have become your own dream.

Author: Steinn Steinarr

Translation: Eydis Bjornsdottir

Our dreams are hidden for ourselves, even though others can see our efforts and fights for our dreams. Sometimes ones disgrace can result from our frantic fight for recognition and for ones dreams, we can see best intention might result in crimes against others. Your ambition can be your trap as respect is earned but not to be demanded. Ones justification often represents wishful thinking instead of realistic view. Ones accusation often disguise the unfair and the unjust personality.  Maybe it was best not to comment on this great poem as it can difficult to improve on the perfect.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist