Your own personal altar picture


Artist: Jonina Gudnadottir

Picture: UnnarYmir

We often put up a picture of someone in our home or at work. A sporting figure, a musician, a scientist or a famous one who we cherish. This can be a good exercise and reminder of what we like to accomplish ourselves. We might want look into their perspective in live and exercise us in coining our own goals.

In the churches we see altar pictures and statues of saints and people who aspire us. People who did show strength in difficult times inspire us and show us what we can do for ourselves in time of trouble. The altar picture is displaying the family wall of good deed doers.

In the same way you can put up a picture of yourselves in your home. You can find a picture of you where you find yourself beautiful and happy. This can be recent one or an old picture, even when you were very young. Have your own altar in your home with picture of you put up in a most favorable way possible.

So pull out some pictures of you an look why were you so beautiful and happy, who are there with you and what where you doing? If you enlarge some of these pictures, print them out in super quality and even frame them. Then you can well relate to that state of you being happy and content and spontaneously feel this relaxing state. This is as important for the marriage as well. Find pictures of you and your mate or the whole family in a cheerful moment and reprint it in high standard.

So be the star in your own life. Someone to look up to and into for your contentment. Let the happy and content you lead you to present days wellness.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist.