Psyconomics reading of Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa (Photo credit: ama_lia)

Lady GaGa is a great perfectionist and that can lead to a depressive state or sadness if that is put on a strain. In that respect she is a soul mate with Justin Bieber. She also has a great need for harmony and contentment around herself, especially that she might also find for anxiety if things are to turbulent around her. This has become more strain in latter years and that is showing. As she hates disputes and mismanagement, then it is possible that some of that has been going around her. This puts huge pressure on her as well as self imposed anger or anxiety outbursts. Due to that she might not be resting enough and take healthy brakes. That is a shame as she needs lot of attention for her personally at the same time she needs a good rest from the glamor. This strenuous life might be talking toll on her body like her back.

Lady Gaga holding a speech at National Equalit...

Lady Gaga holding a speech at National Equality March (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She might have experienced some traumatic events in her live when she was about seven or eight years of age.  Likely she had some another big life event or difficult period at the age of 15 to 16.

Lady GaGa needs to exercise often during the day. She needs to have clarity in her life. Therefore if she can draw back take yoga exercises, get a dog and take that dog out for a walk for at least for an hour each day or other mind relieving exercises at least five to ten times a day. It is so important for her to get a good sleep and it is therefore important to have relaxed atmosphere in the evenings and that she can go to have regularity in her sleeping routines.

Hopefully she will find some relaxing methods for her as she is giving so many good times with her music.  She needs to have a regular day with a lot of helpful relaxing techniques.