A trip to the supermarket can be a good way to build hope and exercise being future orientated

Picture: UnnarYmir


Often I hear especially from men that they find it boring to go to the supermarket. I am not a fan of the supermarket, but it is the meaning of the trip. Going to the supermarket and figure out what to by for the weekend or for the days ahead is forcing you to think about coming days.

Important questions like how do you want to spent the days with your family or the loved ones is healthy exercise for the body. The importance is to exercise to be future orientated and not to be trapped by the past.

People who suffer from burnout, sadness or even trauma might disconnect this contact with life. It can be difficult for them to project the future or even the coming days.

Going to the supermarket and wonder what you would like to dine and how you want to spend the weekend is a wonderful exercise in building up resistance for sadness and depressive thoughts.

If you are living alone, then this is as important as this is the time to indulge yourself with buying good and healthy food and look forward to exercise your skill to prepare that food in new and exotic ways. Open up your receptive mode for new things and new experience.

Sometimes you might find old couple behind you in the cashiers row talking sweetly and caring to each other. Other times you might feel tension and overhear nagging conversation over slightest things. Which one would you like to be in the future? This is a honest choice made by you today.

Give the supermarket trip a fair chance to change your life for the better. Enjoy the moment and find the emotion that goes with being future orientated and to expect something good. That is how you gradually will be more hopeful with your live.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist