Helpful daily routines increase life satisfaction

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Picture by: UnnarYmir

After being working hard on my writing and posting every day for two weeks I found my self a bit intoxicated. I was checking on my stats and becoming a bit obsessed by the website. My drive to write down my thoughts on Well-being was influenced by my personal needs, but when my work starts to evolve around the WordPress Stats, then I have to take a timeout for sorting out the priorities.

So it was appropriate to start my Psyconomics blogs again on the importance of good routines play a big role in well being. The more routines and better, the easier life will be. If the routines are to indulge my own personal set of needs, I might get lost in vanity.

Simple daily routines that are focused on the future and well being will increase life satisfaction and  will ease on the sadness effortlessly. The more you practice, then the speedier it will to turn back to life satisfaction and contentment. Whenever you have new assignments or problem coming up, it will be easier to cope and change course if your daily routines are fixed and helpful.

Healthier food and nourishing is one of the big issues that has to be addressed. Good rest and relaxing routinely will help you to get energized and to will gain more from your work.

Your Well-Being does not rely on a particular fix, but to have many in your toolbox throughout the day. From waking up in the morning to going to bed again. Use helpful exercises regularly and have them incorporated in your daily routines. That makes your routines a part of long term solution. Because life satisfaction is a life long marathon, but not a this weeks sprint. Whatever you learn today and incorporate into your daily routine leads you to new discoveries later. Change only one thing each time, evaluate the difference and go to new things from that.

If your routines evolve around worldly things or social acceptance as fame or money, then it is likely that the result will be mixed and might even have negative effect on your well being. It might bring you short effect of happiness, but it wont fix your well being for the long term. Being really wealthy and highly successful and looking for more, will not add an ounce to your well being and you might end up being a miserable sod.

The teaching of Tao Te Ching and Feng Shui are about being content and satisfied. It is emphasized to reach the state of balance between many things and not to be obsessive by some of the elements that constitute the whole. Healthy daily routines will assist us to maintain balance between these fundamental elements.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist