Foretelling can be interesting, even though we realize that it is speculative at its best

Picture: UnnarYmir

Prophets have been around for millenniums and foretelling abilities is rather popular. Foretelling has been done by f.i. looking into balls, reading your palm or Tarot cards. Some are reading into coffee cups or tea leaves. Others are looking into things like the lamb’s intestines or the mouses behavior in autumn.

Most of these foretelling exercises have been shown to be rather dubious and speculative at its best. That is not preventing people to look at the astrology column in the newspaper.

Spirituality and foretelling are closed intertwined in our culture. People in business, politics and entertainment can be hooked as their professional life can be rather unforeseen. Teenagers can be  very obsessed by their possible love, friends, education or other live events.

It is not the accuracy of the foretelling that is helping us enhancing the daily gloom, but it is the exercise of bringing our focus and attention to the future. Reading about our possible fortunes, makes us future oriented an can be a form of a relaxation exercise. For a moment we are away from our daily activities and wondering about next summer holidays or possible vacation. It brings to us what we wish to happen to us or not and gives our intuition a chance.

Our brains are working differently for a moment, and that is good? If we are superstitious and we leave the future and our fate in the hand of the prophet, then that is damaging, but if we use the imaginative moment to improve our vision for the future to come, then we have done one good exercise for our well being.

How can you increase your well being from foretelling?  The simple exercise is increasing  your ability to foresee what might be coming your way? It helps you to understand the past and what probably might resurface in your future?

It is important exercise for you to see yourself on a top of a mountain and then think about how did you get there. After seeing that in some detail, then you can realize what is the first step to get there? That is one healthy way to see things. If you on the other hand wants to be on a mountaintop and you are waiting for someone to take you there, then can wait for a long time.

It is therefore important to realize that the prophet can be a bogey, but your intuition has to have the opportunity to train and mature. Foretelling exercises can therefore increase self awareness, which helps you to have more life satisfaction and contentment.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist