Use Yoga evereday as a tool to raise your threshold against sadness or grieve.

Yoga stone setting

Picture: UnnarYmir

It has been shown in researches that there are different kinds of neurons active when people are relaxation or meditating. Then the inter connectivity between brain areas are more active. When people are focusing on projects, different parts of the brain and neurons with fewer connection points are active, but the inter connectivity between areas in the brain is not as widely spread.

It is very important to give the longer neurons the chance to make the difference in our daily activities. It opens up for other possibilities and the intuition will be more prone to kick in.  Yoga exercises are shown to be active ways to work out relaxing state body and mind, especially if you have to work on grieve or losses.  The Yoga exercise help to get the perspective of things and calm the mind and ease on the strain that is on the body.

Take an example of a this wonderful Yoga exercise from the website:

It can be done as a short and easy relaxing exercise or it can be expanded to this very imaginative and wonderful exercise that you can master with a minimal training.

You can do simple exercises or more complicated ones. The main thing is to exercise some Yoga everyday. Short exercise at work can help you through coming meetings or difficult assignments. Later in the day you can calm down and use the exercise to finish the day, framing your contentment and preparing you to go to bed happy and relaxed. In the morning you can use the Yoga exercises to inspire you and prepare for the day. This can be the same exercise but in short and long versions with some difference. If you are trained to take Yoga then you easily can use it whenever in the day. You can have your own versions that can soothe and calm you f.i. in the waiting room or on the subway or wherever that you feel comfortable to do your exercises. The more you incorporate relaxing technique into your life, the more often you can apply the techniques and in different places.

Use Yoga or similar relaxing exercises to get more out of the day. Have yoga in your toolbox for enhance your mood and raise your threshold against sadness or depressive state.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist