The forces of the nature are always with you. It is easy to use that force in your favour and unwise to go aginst it.

Are you intact with the nature and are using it in your favor? Some days the sun is shining bright and the only sensible thing that day is to sit in the shadow or let the water cool you down. Some days the snow and the wind is howling and there is no reason for anything else than sitting at home and enjoy a good book and a candlelight because the electricity is out. These are the ways of the nature. Sometimes the heat is ruling the day or the freezing cold is calming all things to a minimum activities.

If you are  listening to the nature, then you will better understand yourself. Sometimes the heat has to be cooled down or put to shade or the coldest thing has to be nourished with calmness and contentment.

During the day we have to deal with the heat and hot temperature in ourselves and in the evening we find ourselves in our search for inner peace and contentment.

If you are not feeling well you have these two ways to examine your situation. Either there is too much going on. Anxiety and stress that needs to be cooled down or you might be down in sad and depressive state that needs calm perspective and sympathetic attention to open up your attention to what you have instead of what you might be missing.

This is the way of the intense nature. This is the way to wellness.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist