There is a big part of us and the controversial small part of us in every decision

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Controversial issues like Legal Abortion makes us feel uneasy. We find our body temperature possibly rising and something might feel different in our abdomen. The question whether we are for or against abortion manifests a discrepancy inside the body. Some of me is for abortion in some cases and some of me is against abortion. Inside me I find my body weighing all things that matters. The argument is changing the way I feel inside myself. If you allow time and understand the reconciliation process at the body level, then it will be easier to take the decision that is good for you.

There is always part of you with and other part against in any given decision that you have to take, and that makes you twisted between choices. This makes you anxious, sad or angry. And you want to resolve the matter. You want the smaller part of your body to go along with the larger one. Maybe you want resolution and harmony and you cognitively are seeking that harmony. Or if you are thinking about the controversial things in your decision, then you cognitively are making that part larger and your body will follow suit with even more anger or sadness.

Every decision has therefore the 80/20 Rule effect. There is a bigger half and smaller half. The inconsistency is therefore inside resolution to our decisions. The body is asking for resolution or is rebelling. The more you train in the decision process, the easier it will be for you and your training will result in better performance in decision making.

The way to wellness is to respect both parties in every argument. Go for the better half and minimize the effect that your decision might have on yourself. Go for the mediation and possibilities that makes it all easier. Avoid the risk and the rebellion with your inner true self. Listen to your own heart and be aware of other people argument, as it might be influence your decision fort their benefit. In the end it is always you that have to live with your own decision. It is easier to work your contentment out with the larger half of you and it is easier to reason with the smaller part of you.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist