Myth is faith if you believe in it. Use the power of positive faith.

Self assurance and a faith or a myth have a similar train of thought. Good self assurance helps us to finish what we originally set out to do. So how can you use myth and faith to help you to fare better?

Favorable assumptions can brighten up your day, assumptions such as: if we assist others, especially the needy, it will bring luck to us. It might or might not. But if you do and you believe in this myth, it will color your life in positive way for you and the society. It will gradually build up your self assurance and at same time build up trust to the society. You will gradually wind up in more and more positive situation, just because of your positive attitude towards yourself and the society.

If you are occupied with bad luck like the ”Friday the 13th“, then you might be blocking your ways in life. There has been no scientific proof on that one and belie in it is not helpful for you. On the contrary it can be damaging for you and isolate you from others at given time.

”Good Morning“ is a wishful thinking from you to others every day. This is unconditioned wish from you to your workmates, friends or family that they will ”have a nice day“. May the luck be with you.

So look out for lucky things and give the luck a chance. Maybe or maybe not. If the luck is coming your way, then you will profit from it. If not, then there was nothing you could do about that. Positive myths are there for you to use every day to spice up your life and give you sense of self worth and contentment. Positive self worth is a proven assistance in all matters.

Bjorn Vernhardsson pyschologist