Candlelight brightens up the mood

Picture: UnnarYmir

Candlelight has great soothing effect and is good for meditation and relaxation sessions.

Lighting a candle can be a form of sacrifice and has a meaning as such in spiritual rituals.  What once was  sacrifices of big animals like bulls or even children evolved to be a humble candlelight. The intense fear of whether the sun might not rise again was strong enough to kill and burn what mattered the most to people, their own children.

So in a way when you lighten up a candle, you at the same time are worshiping the hope for a favorable future to come. Candlelight is like a peace pact with the unknown, and a request that the future will not turn against you. You are in a way sending out your wish that everything will fare well.

The candlelight reminds you of the MOMENT. It is not going anywhere and neither are you. It is now and it is here. That is why candlelight goes so well with relaxations exercises or religious ceremonies. That is why a candlelight helps to get conversation going when you are sitting with friends or brings out the romance for lovers. The candlelight is a force that makes the heart beat at the most favorable tact for your body at that moment.

So brighten up your life as often as you can during the day with a simple candlelight and do it with a care. Find your inner rhythm go intact with the humble flame of a candle.

Bjorn Vernhardsson psychologist