Reading for Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry must have been raised up with lots of rules and hardship and less of emotional care. He seems to be more of a father’s boy and less affected by his mother. He seems to have gone trough difficult transitions biannually ever since the vulnerable young age of three. This cycle might still be in effect, but to a lesser degree. His times of despair are due to his striving co-ordination efforts and calculative communications, as well as how hard he strives with his creation to the extent of sacrificing his well being so that it can easily spoil effective (working) relationships with other people. He has a great need to seek harmony with others as well. He also might have notion of being admired, but is likely to be timid about this longing. This can at times lead to great anxiety and stress and sometimes heated arguments and difficulties in his relationships with others. Despite what we might think of Stephen, it is more than likely that he is rather superstitious and vulnerable to making biased connections or expectations in his mental schema.This might drive him constantly for more knowledge and deeper understanding of life.